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Enhancing Your Image with Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows for Women and Men, Hair Loss Wigs, Scalp Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetic Makeup and Microblading Training and more.

Houston Wellness Boutique specializes in tailored services to suit the needs of ANY lifestyle.  HWB caters to both women and men who could simply be seeking enhancements to be their BEST self or for someone who is seeking additional tools to REBUILD  self confidence and image after adverse effects of cancer treatments. Our goal is to help both women and men enhance their natural beauty with non-invasive and non-surgical procedures. We offer an array of services and training courses. WORK BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY!

Ask about our SPECIALS!

  • Microblading & Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Training in Houston. Get the skills to start a new career. No Experience Needed.
  • Permanent Cosmetic Makeup (Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips). If you are looking to enhance your eyebrows or eyes this is the service for you. Permanent Tattoo Eyebrows have been around a long time and now women and men alike are wanting that get up and go look. We have worked hard at perfecting how we implement  beautiful color in your skin that you will absolutely love.

  • Semi-Permanent Hairstroke Eyebrows (The Most Natural Eyebrows Ever!) EVERYONE IS RAVING over hairstroke eyebrows. We love creating the most natural eyebrows possible one stroke at a time. Don't be fooled by untrained individuals stating that it's not a tattoo when it is. We are breaking the skin and depositing color into the skin definition (a tattoo). No, our work DOES NOT have a harsh sharpie look. Just imagine one hair stroke at a time is being created into a design that naturally frames your face.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation – Scalp Micropigmentation for Women & Men. If you are tired of filling in your bald spots with  powder or sprays this procedure is for you. Scalp Micropigmentation covers scars, creates hairlines and fills in areas where hair is missing. Schedule an appointment to speak with someone that can assist you with your questions.

  • Cranial Prosthesis / Wigs -  Are you experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition, chemotherapy or alopecia? We have several options available to fit your hair loss needs. We create and customize human hair wigs designed and made just for you.

  • Medical Compression Garments - Medical grade shape wear for out patient care and medical grade Thigh Highs, Stockings and Sleeves for both women and men. 

We are centrally located in West University 3 miles from the medical center.  Houston Wellness Boutique creates a totally personalized and confidential environment for our clients. We work with everyone at achieving a beautiful and natural look with our 3D Hairstroke Eyebrow Enhancement Procedures and more.

Our products are safe and developed specifically for sensitive and very fragile skin. We have everything you need to reclaim the inner you. Houston Wellness Boutique is committed to helping you reclaim a positive self-image and provide a place that gives hope and re-builds self confidence.
Disclaimer: Houston Wellness Boutique is not a tattoo shop nor or we a place that rushes through our services. If that’s what you are looking for, we are not the place for you. When you come to us, be prepared to be educated on the services you’re receiving. We love what we do and perfection can’t be rushed, focusing on the details is what we do best.

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We work BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY and same day appointments are available in most cases! Working by appointments allows us to provide you the client, the most private and customized services.

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